Modern Nursery

5 Steps to Design, Organize, and Create Your Modern Nursery

Follow our simple tips to create the modern nursery of your (and your baby’s) dreams. Once you have compiled your design ideas, download ProPartyPlanner to make your shopping and to-do lists. Then, layout your furniture with our augmented reality feature.

1. Simplicity

{one} clean lines / {two} form-meets-functionality / {three} subdued main colors / {four} geometric and organic shapes


Modern Nursery Simplicity Collage

Modern Nursery Simplicity /// Pro Pregnancy Planner

2. Pops of Bright Color

{one} neutral backdrop / {two} splashes of bold color / {three}  forward thinking / {four}   avoid babyish decor

Modern Nursery Pops of Color /// Pro Pregnancy Planner

Modern Nursery Pops of Color /// Pro Pregnancy Planner



3. Gender-neutral

{one} sustainability / {two} creative reuse / {three} future sibling or play room / {four} anti-stereotypical colors


Modern Nursery Gender Neutral Collage

Modern Nursery Gender Neutral /// Pro Pregnancy Planner

4. Adaptability

{one} multifunctional / {two}  multi-stage / {three} transformative pieces / {four} reuse furniture from other rooms


Modern Nursery Adaptability Collage

Modern Nursery Adaptability /// Pro Pregnancy Planner


5. Space Savvy

{one} small spaces / {two} streamlined pieces / {three} built-in storage / {four} double-duty pieces


Modern Nursery Space Savvy Collage

Modern Nursery Space Savvy /// Pro Pregnancy Planner


happy pregnancy planning with Pro Pregnancy Planner

Modern Nursery Design

Modern Nursery Design

 Modern Nursery


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